You’ll Never Look at Toast The Same Way After Seeing These Works of Art


Super-Dad Adam Perry does not let his nine-year-old daughter’s severe food allergies get in the way of. While his wife gets their children ready for school in the morning, he makes breakfast. Because his daughter’s options are limited, she typically eats white bread with a sunflower oil spread. Her dad started to feel bad for her because breakfast was so boring, so he got creative. He makes sculptures out of two slices of toast, and posts them to his Instagram. He told ABC, “I decided to open an Instagram account (@2slicesoftoast) dedicated to toast, just for fun, and vowed to my kids that I’d create something out of toast every morning for at least a year to make them smile, and that’s how it started!”

Here’s some of his best work:


So basically, this guy is pretty much the best dad ever. We’re hoping to get an invite to his breakfast soon. Until then, we have the Instagram.

[image via Instagram @2slicesoftoast]

[H/T Eater]

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