comScore Zane Lamprey Drinking Show Meets Kickstarter Goal (VIDEO)

WATCH: Zane Lamprey’s Chug Kickstarter Meets Goal, Say Hi To Your New Favorite Drinking Show

It’s a familiar problem: cult favorite with a loyal fandom gets the ax because it’s on a network that goes under. Cult favorite with a loyal fandom can’t get picked up by a big network because Community aforementioned cult favorite so happens to revolve around drinking. Apparently, that’s wildly different from what’s currently shaping the travelogue landscape on TV.

But the good news is, Zane Lamprey’s travel drinking show Chug (not just about chugging beers, but a clever double-entendre referencing his charming mode of transportation on the show — trains!) smashed its Kickstarter goal of half a million dollars last night, and successfully raised upwards of $591K. Congrats, guys!

They’ll now have the money to make a whole season, and backers of the Kickstarter fund get first dibs on watching it. Zane will team up with his executive producer from Three Sheets to deliver a 6+ episode season, distributed first to backers, and then hopefully to be picked up by networks soon.

Check out the trailer below, and, if you donated generously, get pumped for your upcoming Chug marathon. If not, you better hope some suits let their hair down.


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