Bolton Attacks ‘Democrat’ Steve Mnuchin As Better for ‘Big-Business Democratic Administration’

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton

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Former National Security Adviser John Bolton slammed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in an interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz, telling her the Trump official would be better in a “big-business Democratic administration.”

“Mnuchin is a Democrat,” Bolton said in a pre-recorded interview that aired Sunday evening. “The views that he recommended, go light on sanctions on Russia, don’t sanction the Chinese, don’t sanction [Venezuela], don’t sanction the North Koreans so harshly, are all the positions of a big business Democrat, which is fine in a big business Democratic type administration. I don’t know what he was doing in the Trump administration, other than he was an outstanding fundraiser for the president and a supporter that was close to family for him.”

Mnuchin’s appointment to President Donald Trump’s cabinet was one of the first Trump announced after his 2016 election, and he is one of a few original Trump appointees to stick with his position after his confirmation. Though he previously contributed to many high-profile Democrats — including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — he was an earlier supporter of Trump’s campaign and became his national finance chairman in May 2016.

Bolton, a long-time national-security hawk, left the Trump administration under disputed circumstances in September 2019. He is the author of a new book ripping the administration, The Room Where It Happened.

Mnuchin wasn’t the only Trump official Bolton said was too soft on America’s adversaries. He also criticized former Defense Secretary James Mattis for being too weak on Iran, saying, “I think he had a view of the threat from Iran that was perhaps because of his own experience, I don’t think he took it seriously enough.

“But I don’t question Mattis’ motives, in the sense I think he acted in what he felt was the country’s best interest,” he added. “And, you know, people can judge the disagreements between the two of us. I’m sure when the book comes out, he’ll have a few things to say.”

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