Charles Blow Goes OFF On ‘INSANE’ Idea That Biden Can’t Attack Trump Over His 91 Felony Counts In Fiery MSNBC Rant


New York Times columnist Charles Blow went off on a rant over the premise that President Joe Biden can’t attack ex-President Donald Trump because it would violate norms, calling the notion “insane!”

Biden and his team have been scrupulous about not commenting on the 91 felony counts Trump faces in order to protect the independence of those proceedings.

But Blow recently pointed out the pitfalls of that approach in an op-ed entitled “Dignified Silence Doesn’t Work Against Trump,” and vented about it on Friday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe to vehement agreement from host Joe Scarborough:

JONATHAN LEMIRE: They think that will drive home the point to suburban voters, to independent voters. Look, we can’t go down this path again. We can’t elect this man again. What do you think? Is that enough or is that not aggressive enough?

CHARLES BLOW: Well, I want you to think about what we’ve just said, what you just said, what you just said, like the president can’t engage because this is an active investigation.

At what point does the person who is running literally running on a platform of defending and protecting democracy, not engage on the biggest threat to that democracy?

It is likely that that there will be litigation all the way through the election. Are we saying that the President of United States, who is running against a guy who is the greatest threat to democracy, will not be able to engage on the issue, on the fact that this person he’s running against, if he ends up being the Republican nominee, he cannot say that this person is indicted on all of these counts? That seems insane to me!

I think we are we’re living or trying to operate as if things are normal when they are absolutely not normal! And the former president has signaled in every possible way that he if he ever gets back to the White House, he will break the norms completely! He has said that he would like to suspend parts of the Constitution! Conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation are leading a charge to draw up plans right now that that would make it possible for Donald Trump on day one to start to dismantle the federal government.

I don’t understand what we’re saying here! I don’t understand what we’re saying, like we’re holding the powder dry? That we are. There is another time that we’re going to be able to do this, that there’s a season that’s going to come that is close to Election Day when all of this will change. All of our strategies will change. The surrogates will step in and do the work the president can’t do? What? It seems, it seems crazy to me on some level to think that that there’s time to get this right!

JOE SCAROROUGH: Yeah. You know, of everything. Everything that Charles just said. Let me just say amen.

Watch above via MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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