Don Lemon Mocks GA Gov’s Plan for Barbershops to Reopen AND Social Distance: ‘You Have to Be Edward Scissorhands’


CNN’s Don Lemon jokingly brought up a famous Johnny Depp character to illustrate the physical absurdity that lies at the core of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s plan to reopen barbershops, nail salons, and massage therapists in his state while also insisting workers and customers of those businesses practice social distancing.

“So we just got the guidelines in from Georgia from the Georgia Board of Cosmetology and Barbers,” Lemon said to the network’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, as he showed a graphic of a number of rules hair stylists and barbers would be expected to follow. “Just from a medical perspective, though, it seems like it would be awfully hard to social distance in a nail or hair salon or even a gym.”

“I think at some point, you know, it’s just common sense, right?” Gupta replied, agreeing with Lemon’s critique of the Georgia governor’s plan. “We have to keep talking about this. It’s a little bit ridiculous. How do you physically distance somebody when they’re cutting your hair or doing your nails? My daughters who are, you know, 13 and 14 and 11, I mean, right away they’re asking me, ‘How does that work, Daddy?’ Everybody understands it can’t.”

“Yeah. Especially if you’re doing someone’s hair. I said, if you’re doing someone’s hair, you have to be Edward Scissorhands, but that’s not even six feet,” Lemon snarked, before pressing Gupta on what steps Kemp should be taking instead.

“I think you should consider not reopening yet, that should be at the top of the list,” Gupta said flatly. “I want to open, too. I want the same things everyone else wants. I want it for me, I want to it for my family, I want it for you, Don, but we’re not there yet. I worry about this. I try to be a charitable person. I find it hard. We close late, we open early. People might get infected that don’t need to. People may go to the hospital that don’t need to. People may even end up dying that don’t need to.”

“It was interesting, I was watching this press briefing today, Ambassador [Deborah] Birx, who is a very polite person, when asked about Georgia, she said, ‘Look, we put out guidelines, gave very clear data. There are still outbreaks happening. I don’t understand how you can be physically distancing doing hair and nails and this stuff. Maybe they have creative solutions,'” Gupta continued. “The president was asked about it. He said he was going to talk to Governor Kemp: ‘Maybe they’re going to test everybody before they go into the hair salon or nail salon?’ They’re not. We don’t have enough testing. We don’t have enough infrastructure. We hope to get to that point, but we’re not there yet. So this is almost all risk and no reward.”

“You can get the virus. You can get sick,” Gupta emphasized. “Maybe you don’t get sick and you give it to somebody else. Wouldn’t you feel awful? We’ve been saying this for four months:’We’re all in this together.’ We really are. Never before have we been so dependent on each other. If you say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m willing to take the risk,’ on my behalf and on my kids’ behalf as well, I don’t like that.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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