Here Are Some of the Republican Senators Twisting Themselves in Knots to Avoid Comment on Trump’s Bible Stunt


Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt published a lengthy Twitter thread on Tuesday as Republican lawmakers kept running away or diverting from her questions about President Donald Trump’s photo-op in front of the St. Johns Episcopal Church.

Hunt was on Capitol Hill to ask Republican senators questions about how Trump took a brief journey to the church, held up a bible, and stood for photographs on Monday. This occurred just after D.C. police forcefully removed people in front of the White House who were peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd.

In the end, Hunt documented a plethora of Republicans, many of whom declined her questions, claimed they were too preoccupied, offered milquetoast comments about Trump and the protesters, or some combination of the three. Here’s just a partial list:

Hunt wasn’t the only one asking these questions though:

These responses are a notable contrast from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (R), who decried Trump’s use of the church as a ‘political prop.’

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