‘I Don’t Bow To Anybody!’ Biden Chafes At Criticism He’s Caving To Republicans on Debt Limit


President Joe Biden chafed at the suggestion he might “bow to Republicans” in negotiations over the debt limit, telling reporters “I don’t bow to anybody!”

Biden spoke to reporters on the White House lawn Friday as he prepared to depart for the weekend, even as  debt limit talks drag perilously close to the date that has been singled out as a so-called “x-date” after which the United States will begin to default on its debts.

He answered questions on several topics, including Russian military activity, before he was asked “what do you tell Democrats who say that they don’t want you to bow on the work requirements?”:

Q Mr. President, any update on the debt limit, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: With regard to the debt limit, things are looking good. I’m very optimistic. I hope we’ll have some clear evidence tonight before the clock strikes twelve that we have a deal. But it’s very close, and I’m optimistic.

The reason I’m going to Camp David is they are working on the — the Secret Service is working on my house — bulletproofing the house. So there’s no place to go at home; they said I’d be out for five weeks. So I’m going to Camp David because my granddaughter graduates on Sunday, and it’s closest so I can get there to be at her graduation.

Q What did you say about tonight? What did you say about tonight?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I said there’s a negotiation going on. I’m hopeful we’ll know by tonight whether we are going to be able to have a deal.

Q What’s your reaction to — what’s your reaction to Russia moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus?

THE PRESIDENT: Extremely negative, is my reaction.

Q Mr. President, what do you — what do you tell Democrats who say that they don’t want you to bow on the work requirements? What’s your position?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t bow to anybody!

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