Jeanine Pirro Bemoans ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime, Gets Accused of Racism in Bonkers C-SPAN Appearance


In a fiery, contentious hour-long appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Fox News weekend host Jeanine Pirro proclaimed her “perfect” editorial independence, raised the specter of “black-on-black crime,” and sparred with callers who accused her of rhetoric that traffics in white nationalist “replacement” conspiracies and “anti-people-who-have-brown-skin” bias.

Pirro appeared on Washington Journal, which features call-in questions from people across the political spectrum, to promote her new book, Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America. 

One friendly Republican caller praised Pirro while ominously warning: “I feel Democrats are only attacking white people’s guns” and adding “I’m not racist.”

“I’ve talked about this as a judge, this black-on-black crime which does not get the attention that it should,” Pirro said. “Chicago is a classic example. Other than that, I don’t want to talk about race as it relates to guns.”

Host Steve Scully questioned Pirro about how safe her job was at Fox News, alluding to her two-week absence from the network earlier this spring after she made roundly condemned, anti-Muslim comments on her show (which she recently confirmed was a suspension during a live mic comment).

“I have perfect freedom to say what I want,” she claimed, despite the suspension suggesting otherwise. “The truth is I am in a position where I can talk to millions of people, and I can give them straight talk that they have become accustomed to on Saturday nights.”

But when Scully followed up to ask Pirro about President Donald Trump’s relationship with her network, which the president notably criticized recently as “not working for us anymore” Pirro grew notably evasive. “I don’t know. You would have to ask him. I am not quite sure what that was about. I’m not trying to avoid the question. I really was not in the mix then. I don’t know if I was away — I think I was away. You would have to ask him.” (See video below.)

Those less contentious interactions were more the exception than the rule, however, as the Fox host’s C-Span appearance mostly involved being confronted by callers who disagreed with her.

For instance, one caller made a point of calling out her suspension, before blasting Trump’s “level of idiocy” and accusing Pirro and her network of helping to “keep it alive.” He went on to confront her over her use of white nationalist “great replacement” rhetoric on a radio show with fellow Fox News personality, Todd Starnes.

“The truth is the venom coming from the left is clear every day,” Pirro responded, blasting the “McCarthyism” of the left that she claimed wants to “shut down the people on the right from saying their First Amendment free speech.” (See video below.)

Turning to the recent news of the previously unannounced then eventually canceled negotiations between Trump and the Taliban, Pirro applauded the president for not following through — on what he has confirmed was his own idea. “There’s no way you can count on these people for a final deal that apparently was attempted by this administration,” Pirro said of the negotiations. “I think the president was right to say: Enough.”

Pressed by a caller to say if she agreed with bringing into our country representatives from the same group that shielded the Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for 9/11, Pirro shifted to what-aboutism in her defense. “Did you feel the way when Barack Obama was negotiating with Iran as they yelled ‘Kill all Americans!’ or is it just a political thing?” she shot back. When the caller said he didn’t vote for Obama, Pirro noted: “There was no meeting in the end, was there?” (See video below.)

Pirro also drew fire from a caller from Texas for her nativist comments, which he said fueled the hate behind the gunman who killed and wounded dozens of people in the recent El Paso mass shooting.

“I am tired of this anti-immigrant, this anti-people-with-brown-skin rhetoric coming out of Fox News, out of people like you, and coming out of our president,” the caller said. “It’s demeaning and beneath the office, beneath you. You used to be a judge. You know better. It’s time that that stopped.”

“I refuse to accept your recitation of the facts,” Pirro fired back. “Stop that political hogwash as it relates to me.” Undocumented immigrants, she continued, are not vetted and could be criminals, and when they enter the country “we end up educating them, housing them, schooling them, giving them food stamps, and we can only afford so much. Don’t you dare accuse anyone of racism and hate. There is a line, the illegals can get to the back of the line of the people who want to come to this country legally.” (See video below.)

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