C-SPAN Caller Celebrates Trump, Calls Shutdown a Sign of Second Coming: ‘Jesus is Coming Back’

C-SPAN Caller: Every American Who Doesn’t Support Trump is ‘Treasonous’

WATCH: C-SPAN Caller Blasts Seb Gorka and Trump Administration Allies as ‘Treasonous Bitches’

C-SPAN Cuts Off Audio After Caller Shouts ‘Death to the Ni**er Obama’

C-SPAN: We Reported Caller’s Death Threat Against Brian Stelter, Don Lemon to the FBI

LISTEN: C-SPAN Caller Threatens to Kill Brian Stelter and Don Lemon: If ‘I See Them I’m Going to Shoot Them’

Sebastian Gorka Confronted by C-SPAN Caller: Trump’s a ‘White Supremacist… Traitor’

This C-SPAN Caller Was So Upset About NFL Protests She Cried On Air: ‘It’s Too Painful’

Watch: The Dramatic Moment John McCain Killed Health Care

WATCH: 2003 Tucker Carlson Trashes Bill O’Reilly: ‘Deep Phoniness at the Center of His Shtick’

GOP Nukes Filibuster, Gorsuch Confirmation All But Certain

Sean Spicer Criticizes White House Press Corps For Using Language He Used a Day Earlier

Nancy Pelosi Mocks ‘Insecure’ Trump For Voter Fraud Investigation: ‘I Felt Sorry For Him’

C-SPAN: Online Feed Briefly Interrupted by RT, Likely ‘Internal Routing Issue’

Joe Biden Caught on Hot Mic Revealing His Post-White House Plans

D.C. Woman Flooded With 13,000 Texts After C-SPAN Accidentally Put Up Wrong Number

Watch Black C-Span Guest’s Incredible Response to Caller’s Question on How to Stop Being Racist

Trump Ally Roger Stone in 1999: ‘I Don’t Want to be Part of a Party that Bashes Immigrants’

Ryan’s Ban on Cameras At Sit-In Comes Two Days After He Called on Executive Branch For Transparency

Loretta Lynch: We May Never Know Orlando Shooter’s True Motivation

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