Jim Acosta Goes After Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Rant Against Cancel Culture: She ‘Tried to Ban Me’ from the White House With a ‘Doctored Video’


CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta jabbed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders — after his former Briefing Room nemesis confirmed she will run for governor of Arkansas.

After over a year of laying the groundwork for a gubernatorial run, the former White House press secretary released a video on Monday formally announcing her campaign. Sanders is expected to have a major political foothold in the state as the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and with Trump having carried the majority of Arkansas’ 2020 election vote, she used her video to highlight her service to his administration.

“With the radical left now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense. In fact, your governor must be on the front line.” Sanders said. “Our state needs a leader with the courage to do what’s right, not what’s political correct or convenient. I took on the media, the radical left and their cancel culture, and I won.”

As White House press secretary, Sanders had a highly-combative relationship with the media — given that she was often tasked with defending Trump’s lies, scandals and various controversies. CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted to Sanders’ video by taking note of her “predictable anti-media” attack during the announcement.

Acosta followed up by predicting “this campaign is going to be gaslit,” and he reminded the Twitterverse of Sanders’ dishonesty on the job.

Acosta was referring to an incident back in 2018 when the White House temporarily suspended his press credentials after one of his heated clashes with Trump. At the time, Sanders justified the ban by tweeting a deceptively-edited video that made it look like Acosta physically roughed up a female White House staffer during the exchange.

Acosta’s credentials were eventually restored after that episode. This wasn’t the only example of Sanders’ dishonesty though, as she actually confessed that she lied to the White House press pool.

When Robert Mueller interviewed her during his special counsel investigation into Russia, she admitted to making comments that “were not founded on anything” in order to smear former FBI Director James Comey. Mueller’s report determined that that wasn’t Sanders’ only lie as press secretary, and she has doubled down since then with her attack on Comey.

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