Sarah Sanders Panned for Using ‘Doctored’ Video Spread By Infowars to Justify Acosta Ban: ‘Most Dishonest Press Sec in History’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders drew fire for using an apparently doctored video as the basis for the White House’s decision to suspend the credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The White House revoked Acosta’s press credentials on Wednesday, hours after his explosive clash with Donald Trump in which he hit the president with numerous questions. Sanders stood by the move with a tweeted video that, according to her, shows Acosta’s “inappropriate behavior” after a White House aide tried to take his microphone away.

Sanders’ reasoning echoes many in conservative media who are convinced Acosta assaulted the woman. However, many other journalists have pushed back on that claim, arguing the video does not show the reporter using any excessive force.

Back to the video: a number of journalists have noticed that it seems deceptively-edited to make Acosta’s actions look more aggressive than they really were:

As CNN’s Brian Stelter and others have pointed out, conspirational outlets like Infowars and Twitter accounts affiliated with it spread the video before it got picked up by Sanders.

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