Laura Ingraham, Scott Atlas Tag Team to Hit Fauci With False Claim on Vaccine Timeline, Dismiss Him as ‘Political’


Fox News primetime host Laura Ingraham and Trump White House Covid adviser Scott Atlas teamed up to mock Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday night, while falsely accusing him of changing his vaccine timeline predictions and dismissing his advice as driven by “political” motivations.

“I want to talk about Dr. Fauci for a moment,” Ingraham said at the end of a segment with Atlas, who, despite being a radiologist, now appears to be driving White House policy on the pandemic. “Because it was just a few weeks ago when Dr. Fauci was pretty negative about the future and we weren’t going to be a normal country for years, but today, he so upbeat. Let’s watch the transition.”

Ingraham then played a clip from an Australian teleconference in late October where Fauci warned the country may not return to a “semblance of normality” until 2022. Fauci had clarified that that did not merely mean getting everyone vaccinated, but instead defined “normal” as “you can get people in a theatre without worrying about what we call congregate-setting superinfections, if we can get restaurants to open almost at full capacity.”

To then prove Fauci’s supposed about-face, the Fox News host played a CNN clip where Fauci estimated that the new Pfizer Covid vaccine could be widely available for everyone by April 2021.

“Who knew Dr. Atlas was such an optimist after the election?” a mocking Ingraham  said, apparently mixing up her guest’s name with the target of her segment. “Is it just the vaccine news or something else has changed there, Dr. Atlas?”

“Maybe he has cheered up because of the election,” Atlas replied, not so subtly accusing Fauci of favoring Biden over Trump. “This is the same person who said we wouldn’t have any vaccine data this year even though the president and I both said we would probably have some results hopefully in October. For sure hopefully in November.”

Atlas’ claim, however, is not true.

During a PBSNewsHour interview in early September, Fauci did say it was “unlikely” that a vaccine would be approved by Election Day. But he was much more sanguine about the odds of having a vaccine ready for initial distribution before 2020 was over, telling host Judy Woodruff: “That’s the reason why I have been projecting … that by the end of the year, November, December, we will know whether we have a safe and effective vaccine.”

Fauci then echoed that very same prediction this past Saturday in remarks to the American Medical Association. “The issue of vaccines is actually good news at a time of considerable concern and stress about the outbreak,” he explained, two days before news broke of Pfizer’s possible breakthrough. “As we get into November and then maybe into December, we will get an answer as to whether one or more of these candidates are safe and effective. I am cautiously optimistic.”

Atlas, however, continued to mislead about Fauci’s predictions — and impugn his motive. “There’s all kinds of prognostications that were made. All negative, all to undermine what the reality of the timelines were, all to undermine the president,” Atlas claimed. “And I think once you do that sort of thing and make yourself a political animal, basically, you lose your credibility.”

“He became a political pundit for Joe Biden,” Ingraham said, echoing Atlas’ hit on Fauci. “I tried to warn everyone. Doctor, thank you so much.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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