Mediaite Enters The Subscription Business… For Real

As you may know, Mediaite is one of the few major websites in the country that is personally funded (and not by a wildly wealthy banker or someone who made a fortune in tech). No outside investors, no major media company behind it and no shareholders to impress. The fact that we do not have to report to anyone allows us to be truly independent. It also means there are no deep pockets into which we can dip when seeking to expand.

The good news is that unlike the early days, I no longer have to transfer money from my personal checking account to cover payroll! That is purely a result of how loyal, you, the Mediaite audience has become. So many of you visit multiple times a day to see the latest news in the media and politics world. I can’t tell you how much I, and the Mediaite staff, appreciate that faithful readership. (Yes, even those of you who come regularly, just to tell us in the comment section how awful we are.)

But coming off of the enormous growth of the site, this is also the time to invest in and expand what we do. In the coming weeks, you will see more writers and videos from different sides of the political spectrum and a range of new and distinct Mediaite coverage — from sports to entertainment.

To do that effectively, we need to expand our revenue base — and that was part of the reason behind launching Mediaite+. Mediaite+ has provided our most loyal readers an ad-free experience on both our stories and videos, as well as access to exclusive content. We thank those that have already signed up for the subscription and supported the site.

We are going a step further than that, starting today. Going forward, every reader will still be able to view 10 Mediaite articles free each month. On the 11th story, you will be asked to subscribe in order to continue reading during that month. The number will recalibrate at the beginning of each month, and we will have graphics offering an occasional reminder of how many free stories remain.

This will not change anything for current subscribers. For those who have yet to join us, we are offering the first month free, for a limited time only, and $4.99 per month thereafter. You can sign up for an annual subscription for $44.99.

If you are one of our regulars who checks the site every day, then we hope you will welcome the opportunity to become a full-on Mediaite+ subscriber.

Many have suggested to me that Mediaite is the perfect model for a purely subscription business. It would, of course, result in fewer readers but much more money. But I don’t want that kind of paywall around our coverage. We want even the casual Mediaite reader to be able see our biggest stories without a subscription. Unlike other publications that request that you pay for their most prized scoops and features, we want the writers who worked so hard on those pieces to have their stories read by as many people as possible.

I hope you can appreciate this compromise, and thank you in advance for your continuing support of Mediaite.

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