Texas Station Shares Terrifying Video of Victims Hiding Inside El Paso Walmart: ‘You Can Hear the Gunshots…and Silence’

The horrific mass shooting in El Paso, Texas that took place in a Walmart this afternoon has left as many as 18 to 22 people dead or injured, and many more traumatized and terrorized. It is not yet known for certain how many people were affected, nor how many shooters may have been involved, but we have updates here on the latest information.

Much of the updated information on cable and online is sourced back to local NBC affiliate KTSM, Channel 9, which has been covering the scene live since the news broke. In one report this afternoon, they aired the video shared by one of the victims, from underneath a table filming during the shooting.

You can hear the gunfire, which is continuous and loud for some time before, as the anchor makes notes, the silence. The quiet fear of those hiding, protecting their lives and their loved ones, hoping simply to make it out of there.

That’s the experience undergone by some Americans out shopping at a Walmart in Texas. We don’t yet know who did this, or why, but we know that these victims will spend the rest of their lives wondering about the “why” for all of it.

And soon, we will once again have to ask the question of “how?”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of KTSM.

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