WATCH: Maskless Trump REFUSES to Shake Hands with Military Officer While Leaving Marine One


President Donald Trump still won’t wear a mask in public, but he did take one conspicuous precaution when he recoiled from a handshake while disembarking from Marine One on his way to board Air Force One.

On Saturday, Trump traveled to Cape Canaveral for the latest attempt at a joint Spacex Nasa launch, but it was the first leg of that trip that soared into the social media stratosphere when New York Times photographer Doug Mills snapped the exact moment that Trump recoiled from a proffered handshake.

Many journalists and other prominent Twitter blue checks took note of the moment, some derisively.

There were skeptics who thought the still must have been misinterpreted.

However, the Washington Post’s Sarah Parnas pointed out that there was pool video of the aborted gesture.

For adherents of social distancing, the clip is at best a mixed bag, as Trump does eschew the handshake, but then Trump and the officer proceed to spew conversation droplets at each other from a range of mere inches, both without masks.

Watch the pool video above, via Washington Post.

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