WATCH: Trump Supporter LOSES IT on Justin Amash, Then Amash Brings the Receipts

Congressman Justin Amash endured a frothing tirade from a Trump supporter who was angered by the Michigan Republican’s support for impeaching President Donald Trump, but then took a deep breath and brought a flurry of receipts in his defense.

At a town hall event in Grand Rapids, Michigan Tuesday night, Amash was confronted by two fervent Trump supporters, the first of whom wore a “Make America Great Again” hat, and engaged Amash in a ten-minute debate that ended when the woman’s “research” failed her.

Later in the event, a woman wearing a “Make News Real Again” shirt got up and launched into an emotional screed against Amash.

“I think a lot of the people here that are cheering you and applauding your courage, most likely, a lot of them didn’t vote for you,” she said, then detailed her own longtime support of Amash, which included that “I worked on your first campaign in 2010, I knocked on hundreds of doors for you, I made hundreds of cold calls for you inviting people to your events to meet you, I made tons of personal phone calls to friends to vote you in.”

She said that “since that time, I have changed my position on you,” and claimed that Amash had “spent the last 2 years failing to do your job, which is to directly represent the popular will of your constituents. That is your job.”

“That’s not my job,” Amash interrupted. “No, I’m sorry…”

“I actually double checked online before I wrote that in my notes, so it is your job, it’s on, you can read yourself, the woman said.

“My job is to uphold the constitution,” Amash said, to applause from the crowd.

“Those are not mutually exclusive, do you realize that those are not mutually exclusive?” the woman asked.

“They can be, that’s why our system is designed the way it is,” Amash answered.

“Not in the way that you have behaved,” the woman said, and launched into a blistering screed about Amash’s support for impeachment, claiming he initially “gave no reason,” and that “when you were pressed, you finally gave a reason, and you came up with things like discussions of firings that never happened, rumors of recusal reversals that never happened,” as well as “baseless claims about obstruction of justice,” which she claimed lacked proof of “corrupt intent.”

“That’s not what the Mueller report says,” Amash interjected.

The woman then warned that impeachment could cause “a civil war,” but told Amash he could “rest safe in the knowledge that that will not happen, that he won’t be removed from office.”

She concluded with a crescendo, asking Amash “Why did you talk nothing about the FISA abuses if you care about the Constitution so much? Why didn’t you say anything about the year-long violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of Trump and his entire transition team? Every phone call, every email, every personal conversation for a year was spied upon and recorded…”

At this point, Amash apparently started laughing, because the woman said “You are laughing, you are laughing about a year-long spying on an entire team of people. Fourth amendment violated.”

There is no evidence any of that happened, and in fact, the probable cause surrounding the FISA warrants has been well-documented in public.

“And you called AG Barr a liar without any proof,” the woman said, and concluded by saying “There was plenty of supporters of the other side, we finally got a voice on our side.”

After a pause, Amash responded by saying “First of all, about Attorney General Barr misrepresenting things deliberately, I’ve put out a set of tweets today which make it very clear, it’s not really refutable.”

He added that “[Special Counsel Robert] Mueller himself issued a letter to Barr saying you are misleading people,” to applause from the crowd.

“I think most of the stuff you are saying on FISA is just an excuse,” Amash continued. “First of all, the FISA are only related to one part of the investigation. The rest of the investigation is not related to that FISA. You can’t obstruct Justice in the whole investigation because you think one part has a problem, that’s not the way our system works.”

“Second of all, nobody has fought more against FISA than me,” Amash said, citing his opposition to the reauthorization of the FISA Act, particularly the section 702 authority for warrantless surveillance, and told the woman that the authority “is an extreme abusive power, and the federal government has that power right now, and guess who signed it into law? President Trump.”

“They don’t support FISA reform, they are not protecting your rights, they want to protect the president,” Amash said, adding “but the rest of you, forget about it, the government can spy on all of you and they don’t give one crap about it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox 17.

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