Amash Duels With Woman in MAGA Hat at Town Hall Blasting His Impeachment Remarks: ‘You Haven’t Stated Any Facts’


At a town hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Republican Rep. Justin Amash faced off with a MAGA-hat wearing woman who blasted his call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, saying he has “drank the same Kool Aid” and become a “Democrat.” But in his lengthy rebuttal, Amash noted that he has actually read the entire Mueller report and that in the woman’s diatribe dismissing it, “you haven’t stated any facts.”

As the lone Republican in Congress who has backed impeachment proceedings against the president, Amash had drawn a lot of heat from conservatives who feel he has betrayed their cause. The woman at the town hall evoked these criticisms in her extended comments, calling the Mueller report a “smear campaign” against Trump.


In his reply, Amash––who made a point of asking others to be respectful during the exchange––countered the woman’s claim that he had effectively defected from the Republican Party by pointing to his very conservative voting record. “I haven’t changed, I’m who I said I was. I’m a principled, constitutional conservative,” Amash responded, before pivoting to her objections to impeachment. “I heard you talk about the Mueller report but you haven’t stated in any facts. What are the facts you’re disputing?”

Watch video above, via FOX17.

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