GOP Rep. Justin Amash Shreds AG Barr in Epic Tweetstorm: ‘Used His Position’ to Sell Trump’s ‘False Narrative’


Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) went all out on Tuesday when he released a major tweetstorm accusing Attorney General Bill Barr of using his position to shill for President Donald Trump on a false narrative.

Amash has drawn significant attention lately as the sole Republican congressman who believes Robert Mueller‘s report lays out the grounds for Trump’s impeachment. In his latest online screed, Amash used 25 tweets to spell out how Barr “deliberately misrepresented key aspects of [Robert] Mueller’s report and decisions in the investigation, which has helped further the president’s false narrative about the investigation.”

Amash kicked off the thread by asserting that Barr repeatedly took Mueller out of context, distorted the special counsel’s assessments, and tried to frame those findings as though Mueller agrees with his summary letter on the full report.

Later, Amash noted how Mueller’s team has objected to Barr’s characterizations of his findings, and the AG “allowed the confusion to fester” by refusing to release their executive summaries on the most pressing matters. The congressman also remarked on how Barr “absurdly” claimed he never received any complaints even though Mueller’s letter suggests the opposite was true.

Amash then dissected the “false narrative” Trump-world has tried to put on the Mueller report — concluding that Barr contributed to this spin with his “misrepresentations,” and is effectively helping Trump gaslight the country.

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