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GOP Rep. Says ‘Nobody Applauded’ Trump’s Joke About Sanford: It Was ‘Display of Pettiness and Insecurity’

Republican Congressman: If Comey Memo True, Trump’s Actions Merit Impeachment

Second House Republican Now Backs Independent Commission on Russia After ‘Bizarre’ Trump Letter

White House Social Media Director Tweets That GOP Rep. Justin Amash Should Be Defeated in Primary

‘#Swampcare Polls 17%. Sad!’: GOP Pols Fire Back After Trump’s Freedom Caucus Attack

GOP Congressman Calls Out Trump for Foreign Government Ties: ‘#DrainTheSwamp’

GOP Rep. Says He’s ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Sessions as Attorney General

The New House Intel Chair Once Called GOP Colleague ‘Al Qaeda’s Best Friend’

Rep. Amash Defends His Less-Than-Gracious Campaign Victory Speech

Sen. Warren and Rep. Amash Make Near-Identical ‘War Zone’ Statements on Ferguson

Hoekstra Responds to Amash Burn: He’s ‘Entitled to His Own Opinions’

Justin Amash Scorches Opponent in Victory Speech: ‘I Ran for Office to Stop People Like You’

Beck Blasts ‘Despicable’ GOP Establishment Attacking Their Own

GOP Rep. Calls Justin Amash ‘Al Qaeda’s Best Friend in Congress’

Must Reads: The Pork in Congress’ New Spending Bill Will Probably Make You Angry

Mediaite’s Sunday Show Round-Up: ‘We Won, Who Cares How?’ Edition

GOP Rep. Says Obamacare Delay Would be ‘Favor’ to Obama, Cracks ABC Panel Up

Ingraham, GOP Rep. Defend Fox & Friends, Scorch ‘Ignorant’ John McCain

Glenn Greenwald’s Much-Anticipated Congressional Hearing Cancelled

Pro-NSA GOP’ers, Like Chris Christie, Make A Terrible Case For The Post-9/11 Surveillance Programs

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