A News Site is Weirdly Trying to Get Millennials to Vote with…Sex Positions?!


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I’m a Millennial, I guess, and I spend a lot of time scratching my head about Millennial outreach. Everything seems to be about Millennial outreach right now. Brands try it. Publications try it. Politicians try it. There are a lot of emojis and “omg!”s and selfies and outdated memes. It’s this gif come to life, played on loop, slowly making us all grimace and grimace until we wake up one day in our 30s and become the cynical, out-of-touch people who whine about younger generations online:

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Mic is a news site that is meant to be by and for young people. Most of the time, they’re pretty great at it. Readers aren’t treated like silly babies or meme-obsessed text abbreviators. Today, a string of little messages on their Twitter account challenged all of that.

It went on like that. There were statistics, gifs, and tags of #69thevote tacked on all the tweets.

Encouraging young people to vote is a great idea. After all, it’s we who will inherit the country we are making decisions for now. Using something as faux-salacious as, uh, 69 to encourage voter registration and turn-out seems a little cheap. (Also, for the record, given how unpopular that position is in practice and last week’s gaggingly viral news that Millennials don’t really bump uglies that much anyway, this was not even very cutting-edge, people.)

Any fellow Millennials out there want to weigh in on this latest outreach attempt? Are sex position jokes going to get you to vote any more than, say, Pokémon GO?

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