Rep. Matt Gaetz Suggests to Eric Bolling That GOP Lawmakers Oppose Trump Out of ‘Pure Jealousy’

Kellyanne Conway Gives Wacko Advice to Millennials About Fentanyl: ‘Eat the Ice Cream’

NYT Has to Correct Story After Error Caused By ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome Extension

Bill Maher to Zakaria: CNN’s Decision to Fire Jeffrey Lord Was Political Correctness

Twitter Mocks Joe Scarborough for Slamming Millennials ‘Playing Video Games’ Instead of Going to War

Who Had the Best and Worst Day? Mediaite Daily Winner, Loser

Who Had the Best and Worst Day? Mediaite Daily Winner, Loser

Michael Hayden on Gov’t Leaks: Millennials Are ‘Culturally’ Different on Secrecy Issues

Young Adults Living at Home With Parents at Highest Rate Since 1940

Millennial Trump Supporter: He’s ‘Compassionate and Intelligent,’ and His Words Get Taken ‘Out of Context’

CNN’s Carol Costello to Millennial Republican: I’m Not Sure What You Mean by ‘Traditional Values’

Today in Clinton Campaign Millennial Outreach: ‘Cat GIFs’ and ‘Lil Kaine’

Clinton Campaign Issues Statement on Leaked Audio of Her Talking About Sanders Supporters

Weirdly Enough, the Median Age of People Who Watch Vice’s TV Channel Is…40

A News Site is Weirdly Trying to Get Millennials to Vote with…Sex Positions?!

Martha Stewart Tries to Connect With Millennials by Saying They Have ‘No Initiative’

Maher: Of Course Young People Like Sanders’ Socialist Message, They Love ‘Free Stuff’

In Tied Spelling Bee, Fox Panel Sees Moral Decline of America

Clinton Shifts Into High Gear Trying to Woo Millennials With #TBT Listacle

Limbaugh: Lewandowski Grabbing Fields Was Only Outrageous in ‘Millennial World’

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