Trevor Noah Offers Trump a Deal to ‘Meme America Great Again’

Harvard Revokes Acceptance to Students Over Facebook Jokes About Sexual Assault, Child Abuse

This Photo of Meryl Streep Cheering Has Become the Internet’s New Favorite Meme

These ‘Tiny Trump’ Memes Are Taking Over the Internet and They’re Amazing

Cincinnati Zoo Deletes Whole Twitter Over Harambe Memes

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A News Site is Weirdly Trying to Get Millennials to Vote with…Sex Positions?!

‘You Traitor!’: Sanders’ Fans React to Clinton Endorsement With the Dankest of Memes

Why Would Anyone Think Candidate ‘Deez Nuts’ Is a Real Person?

19-Year-Old Nursing Student Goes Viral for Standing With Cops in Ferguson

North Korea Points to Birthday Dog Meme as Example of American Decadence

Does Marco Rubio Want to Become the Next Ralph Lauren?

Delta’s Newest Safety Video Crams in Literally Every Single Internet Meme Ever

Harry Reid Wears His Sunglasses at Night so He Can Keep the Vision in His Injured Eyes

‘Hitler’ Learns About Brian Williams’ Downfall

Mugabe Punishes 27 Bodyguards After He Falls and Turns into Meme

Falling Dictator Becomes Meme After Govt Fails to Remove Photo from Web

‘To Learn Who Rules Over You’: Viral Voltaire Quote Probably Originated with White Supremacist

Once Again, the Dems and GOP Fight on Twitter over Memes

Meme Watch: The 10 Best #FakeDCBars Tweets

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