After Chilly Merkel Meeting, Trump Offers Two Handshakes to Egyptian Dictator

Today Donald Trump met with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian President. That meeting — particularly the press spray, during which the president and visiting head of state sit in chairs and chat for the cameras — went so much better this time around than the one held two weeks ago when German chancellor Angela Merkel was in town.

During their spray, Trump infamously ignored Merkel when she asked him if they should shake hands, which led to a lot of anger in the press, given that Germany is a major ally of the United States. When it was el-Sisi’s turn, however, observers quickly noticed something different:

It’s worth noting that while Germany is a huge ally of the United States, el-Sisi is a dictator with a penchant for locking up pro-democracy demonstrators.

Trump has previously disparaged Merkel and praised other dictators such as Vladimir Putin. Today, he repeatedly said that the United Staes would have a “long” and “strong” relationship with el-Sisi’s Egypt, even though their meeting was strongly opposed by human rights groups.

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