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Angela Merkel

Watch Angela Merkel’s Epic Eyeroll While Vladimir Putin Prattles On

Was Merkel’s Husband Trolling Ivanka and Melania Trump With Visit to Climate Computing Center?

CNN: Merkel Apparently Knew Trump Would Win, Chose G20 Location Over a Year Ago to Hurt Him

Watch Donald Trump Successfully Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

Spicer Says President Trump’s Relationship With Angela Merkel is ‘Fairly Unbelievable’

Trump Fires Back at Merkel: Germany ‘Very Bad For U.S.’

‘Drunken Tourist,’ ‘End of an Era,’ and ‘Weakened’ West: Rough Reviews for Trump’s Europe Visit

Germany’s Angela Merkel Indicates Europe Can No Longer Rely on the United States

Trump Reportedly Tells EU Officials That Germans Are ‘Very Bad,’ Vows to ‘Stop’ German Car Sales in US

WATCH: Macron Cooly Ignores Trump Just Long Enough to Make It Uncomfortable

Angela Merkel Tells Trump It’s Not the ‘Building of Walls That Make Us Successful’

WATCH LIVE: President Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel Speak at NATO

Trump Has Changed at Least Three Major Positions After World Leaders Explained Them to Him

Ivanka Breaks With Dad: Says U.S. Accepting Refugees Must be ‘Part of the Discussion’

Obama Set to Speak With Merkel at an Event in Berlin Next Month

After Chilly Merkel Meeting, Trump Offers Two Handshakes to Egyptian Dictator

‘We Don’t Have Friends to Lose Right Now’: The View Talks Trump’s Merkel Slight

Trump ‘Buffoon-Like, Has ADD or Something’: Mika Brezezinski Tells Us How She Really Feels

Trump: Meeting With Merkel Was Great ‘Despite What You Have Heard from the Fake News’

‘We Have a Lot in Common’: Trump Jokes With Seemingly Confused Merkel About Obama Surveillance

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