All-Female Ghostbusters Cast Announced and It’s Friggin’ Awesome

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon will officially star in an all-lady reboot of Ghostbusters, creating the platonically perfect cast for a female version of the comedy classic.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the reboot, directed by Paul Feig, will likely begin filming this summer and take place in New York City. Apart from McCarthy, who worked with Feig for Bridesmaids along with Wiig, none of the other stars are confirmed yet, but gauging from the reaction of the lady internet (and the nerd internet, and basically all of the internet) to these rumors, they will probably announce their casting soon — oh, wait, here it is:

The talks around an Ghostbusters sequel or reboot have been floating around for some time now, but it was only recently that Feig announced that he wanted to film it with an all-female cast, promising not to “ruin your childhood” in the meantime. Bill Murray, one of the original cast members, also gave his public blessing to the concept, adding that he wanted McCarthy and Wiig to be in it.

[Image via Paul Feig]

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