American Graduate Student Beaten to Death in Greece Over Selfie (VIDEO)


A University of Arizona graduate was tragically beaten to death by a mob over a selfie he took at a bar on a Greek island, last Thursday.

Bakari Henderson was vacationing with friends in Zakinthos when he decided to take a picture with a waitress. The selfie eventually led to an argument between Henderson, a customer, and the bar’s bouncer, and the dispute spiraled into a fight where Henderson was beaten into unconsciousness by 10-15 people.

According to Washington Post, Greek police spokesman Theodore Chronopoulos confirmed that Henderson died from the injuries he took to his head.

The bar was holding an event devoted to Serbians the night of the fight, and one of the patrons argued with Henderson over the selfie. There are conflicting reports about what happened next, though CBS’ account states that the customer hit Henderson, then smashed a beer bottle Henderson left on his table and used it as a weapon.

At least nine people have been arrested in connection to the brawl, and they currently face charges for homicide. Video footage of the incident was captured by a security camera.

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