Anderson Cooper Weighs in on ‘Sad’ Michael Flynn Situation: ‘It’s Not a Great Start to the Administration’


While the Trump administration begins to figure out how to move forward after the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, the opinions, hot takes, and headlines are flying fast from the top names in political media. Mika Brzezinski called it, “troubling on a deep, global level,” while her colleague Joe Scarborough was outraged at the lack of transparency inside the White House.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper gave his first impressions of the news to radio host and former SNL cast member Joe Piscopo Tuesday morning, who welcomed the versatile political journalist onto his show on AM 970 THE ANSWER.

While Jersey Joe admitted that he was, personally, a “big fan” of Flynn’s, the radio host asked Cooper to weigh in on the resignation. “Was it necessary? Did you see it coming?” asked Piscopo.

Although Cooper refrained from offering as scathing a take as the Morning Joe hosts, he admitted the blunt truth of the matter: “[Flynn] lied to the Vice President — and that’s really what it was,” offered Cooper in response.

“I think that was untenable,” he continued to say of the fact that Flynn misled the White House in regards to a series of phone calls Flynn made the day the Obama administration imposed sanctions against the Kremlin for election inference. “You can’t have the National Security Advisor lying to the Vice President of the United States. I mean, it’s hard to trust somebody after that.”

The 360 host cautioned by telling Piscopo Tuesday morning that although Flynn resigned from his role, the case is far from over. “I don’t know this puts an end to it,” Cooper continued, indicating that further bipartisan investigations — or at least those charged by Democrats — are likely.

“It’s sad. I feel bad for anybody in public life who this happens to,” Cooper offered. “[Flynn] wants to serve his country.” He concluded on the matter by saying, “It’s not a great start to the administration. But they’ve got other good candidates,” noting that General David Petraeus, the former CIA Director, would get easily confirmed. “We’ll see.”

Listen above via AM 970 THE ANSWER; the question about Michael Flynn begins at the 4:08 mark.
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