Azealia Banks Hints She May Go Into Politics One Day Because Of Course


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.51.38 PMAzealia Banks is primarily known for two things and those two things are the song “212” and getting into trouble, usually on Twitter. Man oh man, does Banks ever love to get into fights on Twitter.

Opinions of Banks are mixed. She often expresses opinions that are wildly offensive to all sorts of different groups, and sometimes two or three groups at once. At the same time, she’s entertaining and, yes, even pretty spot-on with her commentary sometimes.

Today, Banks went on another Twitter tear.

First, she seemed pretty self-aware:

Then, she went ahead with the proposed beef, which is seemingly an extension of a pre-existing one with Rihanna:

She must have realized that trying to start or win a fight with Rih is folly because after that, Banks abruptly switched gears:

When Twitter user Stephen Guilbert wrote, “Have you seen the politicians running for office? Degree or no degree, the American public clearly doesn’t value intellect,” she quoted the tweet and added her own “lol !”

So, much like fellow rapper and Twitter abuser Kanye West, Banks appears to have some political aspirations. West/Banks 2028, anyone? (We have to wait for her to turn 35, first, after all.)

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