Bearded Ginger Doppelgängers on Airline Flight Take Over the Internet

The end of the world is nigh because two identical bearded gingers with no relation to one another met on a Ryanair flight from Scotland to Ireland over the weekend.

According to the New York Post (and the rest of the Internet, practically), Neil Thomas Douglas and Robert Stirling have never met before. Residents of Scotland and London, respectively, Douglas and Stirling discovered they were sitting next to one another on a Ryanair flight from Scotland to Ireland. And why do we care? Because they’re both larger, white men with red hair and matching beards — not to mention similarly black clothing.

The doppelgängers had a good laugh at the coincidental occurrence and snapped a selfie, which a friend of Douglas, Lee Beattie shared on Twitter. She confirmed the story behind the photo to the press went her post first went viral, but has since refrained from discussing the matter with the media.

Meanwhile, the bearded gingers are multiplying, and none of the presidential candidates have done anything to address this issue so far.

[h/t New York Post]
[Image via Twitter]

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