Dennis Prager: Men Are Growing Beards to Say ‘Hello, I’m Not a Female,’ As Feminism Has ‘Crapped on Masculinity’


PragerU founder and conservative commentator Dennis Prager claimed men are growing beards because it’s the only way to say, “Hello, I’m not a female,” during his weekly Fireside Chat, Thursday.

After being asked by a viewer whether he had “ever considered growing a beard,” Prager replied, “Yes, and I rejected it.”

“I have a thought on beards. We went from almost all men in America had a clean-shaven look, to a lot of young men have beards,” he continued. “Now, I think, clearly… I know terrific guys with beards. For some it’s just they think they good, or their girlfriend thinks they look good, or their wife thinks they look good… But I think for some, there’s something else at work here… Enough for me to make this point, and that is masculinity has been devalued tremendously.”

“Many many young men don’t know what it means to be masculine, because feminism and the left have crapped on masculinity. Sorry for the language, but I can’t think of any verb that does it justice. That’s what they have done,” Prager declared. “In fact, toxic masculinity for the left is redundant. All masculinity is toxic. So I think a certain number of men, young men, have only one way of saying, ‘Hello, I’m not a female,’ and that is to grow a beard.”

Prager concluded: “I do believe that. I think that’s a factor. Some of the most wonderful young men I know have beards. Some old men too. So it’s not true for everybody, but I do think its played a role in having a comeback.”

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