‘Betsy DeVos’ Makes a Surprise Appearance on The Tonight Show: ‘No More Textbooks!’

In a rare move, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon decided to get a little political last night by doing a bit featuring newly-confirmed Education Secretary Betsy Devos, portrayed by talented New York comedianne Jo Firestone.

The bit opens up with DeVos unsurprisingly facing the wrong way, and the segment included a series of comedic missteps from the woman who needed Vice President Mike Pence‘s decisive final vote to reach full confirmation earlier this week. “I’m very exited to be your new Secretary of Edu-cakeboss,” she says.

Host Jimmy Fallon gave DeVos the opportunity to present some of her biggest plans for American education, to which she replied, “Idea number one: no more textbooks. They’re too heavy and got too many words.”

“From here on out, every school will be switching to a pamphlet-based education system,” she continues. “Take the History pamphlet,” she offers, revealing a fold-out of President Donald Trump‘s face superimposed over the Sphinx in Egypt.

She also reveals what the new endeavors for Foreign Languages will look like: Firestone as DeVos presented the pamphlet that opens up to simply read the words, “Just Speak English.”

Watch the full bit featuring “Betsy DeVos” above, via the NBC Tonight Show.
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