Brian Kilmeade and Tammy Bruce Say Betsy DeVos’ Yacht Being Set Adrift Shows ‘The Violence is Upon Us


On Fox & Friends on Thursday, host Brian Kilmeade spoke with right wing pundit and columnist Tammy Bruce about the so-called “Trump Anxiety Disorder” some claim to suffer from, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as right wing pundits call it, and what it means for society. During the discussion, Kilmeade offered examples of how it turns into violence, such as cutting Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos‘ yacht loose from its moorings.

Kilmeade introduced the segment by reporting that some therapists are reporting a rise in politically motivated anxiety, calling it “Trump Anxiety Disorder”, and introduces Bruce to talk about it.

Bruce says “this is really a reaction by people who can’t deal with the fact that their favorite person didn’t win an election.”

“When you assign a disorder to someone, you’re saying something from the outside did something to you, that you’re not in control of yourself,” she said. “In fact, we are in control of ourselves. We can adjust our attitude when it comes to how we deal with the world.”

Kilmeade said that Hillary Clinton’s handling of the loss was a big contributor to the problem, in that she and other politicians have refused to accept the result or validity of the election, and that they are “telling individuals this is treason, that it’s Armageddon.”

“‘Cataclysmic’,” added Kilmeade, characterizing the way liberals are viewing the election and presidency of Trump.

“Leadership knows that those on the edge will be pushed over,” said Bruce.

“Here’s what worries me,” said Kilmeade. “Ben Carson’s house, you have kirstjen Nielsen trying just to have dinner, you have Betsy Devos’s yacht was let go into the bay, and of course you have all this, the attack on Hollywood walk of fame.”

“All this stuff shows violence is upon us,” said Kilmeade.

Bruce related then the story of an alleged deliberate car accident motivated by anti-Trump anger, and a reporter who apparently pondered whether a person in such an incident could use “Trump Anxiety Disorder” as a defense in court.

“This is what’s happening now,” she said. “Individuals who are already on the edge, unhinged, are receiving permission with this kind of discussion to do what they want to do.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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