Boehner Opponent Releases Ad Offering Help with Your ‘Electile Dysfunction’

There’s really only one joke in J.D. Winteregg’s new ad against House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), but he got the most out of it.

“Your electile dysfunction?” asks the voiceover, backed by some blues-y guitar riffs. “It could be a question of blood flow. Sometimes, when a politician has been in DC too long, it goes to his head.”

Then…well, it pretty much continues in that key for a while. “Other signs of electile dysfunction may include extreme skin discoloration,” “Seek immediate medical attention for Boehners lasting longer than 23 years,” etc. Winteregg, Boehner’s primary challenger, basically promises to give his constituents a four-hour legislative hard on (read, 2nd Amendment stuff and defunding Obamacare, because the world is a comments section).

Outlandish ads are a handy method for getting exposure as a fringe candidate, as you don’t even have to buy airtime—just upload the thing to YouTube and political news sites will spread it for you. Remember whathisface with the big balls?

Anyhoo, the ad’s best moment comes when Winteregg pledges to defund Planned Parenthood. In the middle of an ad punning on erections.

Watch the video below:

[h/t Raw Story]

[Image via screengrab]

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