Bus Driver Goes Nuts on Passengers Trying to Evade Fare During Live TV Hit: ‘Y’ALL BETTER PAY!’


Every time that a major snow storm like this wallops the East Coast, local news reporters are given the unenviable task of heading out into the inclement weather to provide commentary on the storm. Today’s storm pelting Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia is no different; and during a live segment this morning on Fox 29 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one SEPTA bus driver got caught up giving sneaky passengers the business.

Steve Keeley, a reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, was tasked with interviewing Walmart employees in the suburb of Warrington just as a SEPTA bus back to the city pulled up. But as Keeley and his cameraman hopped on board to grab an impromptu interview with the unidentified driver, a few of the Walmart employees appear to try and sneak on behind the live shot.

That’s when the driver loses his cool in the middle of his sentence, firing off, “HEY! YA’LL BETTER PAY! I DON’T CARE IF IT’S SNOWING OUT THERE! YA’LL BETTER PAY!”

Keeley managed brief exchanges with the young men, as the Fox 29 reporter joked that station news anchor Mike Jerrick will take care of the fees associated with the fare. “The SEPTA bus can pull into a Starbucks with Mike Jerrick’s credit card,” he added.

If the name Mike Jerrick sounds familiar, by the way, he has worked himself into a few recent Mediaite headlines; the longtime Philadelphia anchor recently called out Kellyanne Conway‘s “alternative facts” flap by blurting out, “She’s good at bullshit!” live on the air, resulting in a temporary suspension.

Of course, it didn’t take Jerrick long after his suspension to land a few eye rolls within minutes being back on air.

Jerrick’s colleague Alex Holley, back in the studio, commented, “That’s a party bus,” before tweeting out a video of the SEPTA bus driver’s outburst. “Only in Philly,” Holley commented.

Watch the full segment above via Fox 29.

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