Buzzfeed Apologizes for ’27 Questions for Black People’ Video: ‘We Made a Mistake’

buzzfeedBuzzfeed apologized Monday for a video that critics claimed was racially insensitive and unrepresentative of the black community.

Last Wednesday, Buzzfeed posted a video called “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People,” featuring young black men and women asked a mixture of humorous and pointed questions. “Why are we more likely to get involved in a new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or open a new business?” asked one. Asked another, “Why do you protest Black Lives Matter and then tear each other down in the next breath?”

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher summed up much of the outrage that stirred on social media over the video: “There emerged a bit of a consensus that this video was really ’27 Questions Black People Have For Those Other Black People, the Ones Who Aren’t Respectable.'”

Days later, Buzzfeed posted an apology on Twitter.

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