Carrier Sends Employees Letter, Acknowledges More Jobs Will go to Mexico Than Remain in US


“While this announcement is good news for many, we recognize it is not good news for everyone,” says a letter sent by Carrier to its employees in the wake of the deal set up by Donald Trump that will prevent them from outsourcing some 800 jobs to Mexico. About 1300 Indiana-based jobs are still heading south of the border, which is a detail that has been lost in the commotion.

Here is the letter, which was posted by the same journalist that Carrier barred from their event with Trump last night:

It is the loss of these jobs that has infuriated some, while the fact that any business will be able to threaten to leave and be rewarded financially by the Trump administration that has angered others.

The Wall Street Journal has now joined in, calling what Trump did in Indiana a “shakedown.” Their anger stems from how it was Trump’s threats, not his incentives, that got Carrier to retain a portion of its American jobs.

Here’s what they said:

Mr. Trump’s Carrier squeeze might even cost more U.S. jobs if it makes CEOs more reluctant to build plants in the U.S. because it would be politically difficult to close them.

So, in short, there are still people losing their jobs and more job loss could be on the horizon.

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