CBS WH Reporter Weijia Jiang Dings Trump in Pregnancy Announcement: ‘When a Man Orders You to Sit Down,’ Don’t


CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang took a jab at President Donald Trump on Monday — following an incident at last week’s news conference during which the president snapped at Jiang and told her to sit down.

Jiang, on Twitter, announced that she is pregnant with a girl due in January. The reporter noted that her daughter made her television debut at last week’s news conference with Trump, and wrote;

Can’t wait to teach her when a man orders you to “sit down” because he doesn’t like what you’re saying, do anything but :)

Jiang, during last week’s news conference, attempted to ask Trump about how the accusations of sexual misconduct against him personally impacted his view of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But Trump cut Jiang off and made a long comment about the accusations against him before the reporter completed her query. .

“If I could just actually ask my question, Mr. Trump,” she said. “You didn’t let me ask my question.”

“You’ve been asking a question for ten minutes,” Trump said. “Please sit down.”

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