Cenk Uygur: Avenatti Should Sue TMZ; Harvey Levin is a ‘Clear, Biased, Trump-Supporting Clown’


Cenk Uygur shared remarkably pointed words about TMZ’s Harvey Levin Thursday when he described him as a “clear, biased, Trump-supporting clown.”

What raised Uygur’s ire? TMZ’s misreporting of  Michael Avenatti’s arrest over domestic violence charges. Since breaking Wednesday the story has only become more unclear. Avenatti has vigorously denied the charges and has suggested that he is the victim of a conspiracy led by Jacob Wohl, who’s company Surefire Intelligence tweeted “Surefire Intelligence strikes again.”

The original story, however, was mistakenly reported by TMZ that Avenatti had committed domestic violence against his estranged wife. That was proven untrue when Lisa Storie-Avenatti released a statement to defend Avenatti.

“It’s unclear what’s really going on,” Ana Kasparian said as she discussed the known details of the story, “the original story was reported by TMZ. Harvey Levin who runs TMZ is a huge Trump supporter…that’s not to say that there was malicious intent.”

“TMZ usually has videos. Did they have a video on this one?” Cenk Uygur said, “why are we listening to TMZ? Don’t listen to any Trump allies, they’re total liars.”

“Clear, biased, Trump supporting clown,” Uygur added.

Kasparian explained that police are not releasing more details other than Avenatti was arrested on domestic violence accusations and there’s an investigation.

“TMZ is a Trump ally. They’re not real. They’re not a real news organization. National Inquirer is not real. Gateway Pundit is total crap,” Uygur said, arguing that a lot of people in Washington rely on these outlets as sources.

Uygur argued that Avenatti “should sue TMZ out of existence” over what he clearly sees as their libelous report.

Watch the clip above courtesy of The Young Turks.

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