Michael Avenatti

Bernie: ‘My Opponents’ Want Black, White, Gay, Latino or Women Candidates ‘Regardless of What They Stand For’

Alan Dershowitz and Michael Avenatti Exchange Low Blows on Twitter, Invoking Criminal Charges and Pedophilia

Michael Avenatti: ‘I Have Decided Not to Seek the Presidency of the United States in 2020’

Stormy Daniels Has ‘Sorted Sh-t Out’ With Michael Avenatti: ‘We Are Going to Kick Ass Together’

Trouble in Pornadise: Stormy Daniels Tells Daily Beast That Avenatti Sued Trump Against Her Wishes

Michael Avenatti Avoids Felony Charge After Domestic Violence Arrest, Misdemeanor Charge Still Possible

Actress Who Accused Avenatti of Domestic Violence Reportedly Files For Restraining Order

Michael Avenatti Vows to Bring Jacob Wohl to Justice as Part of His ‘Life’s Work’

Stormy Daniels Says She Will ‘Definitely’ Fire Avenatti if Domestic Abuse Allegations Prove True

Laura Ingraham Jokes About Avenatti’s Domestic Violence Arrest: ‘He’s a Heck of a Right Hook’

Cenk Uygur: Avenatti Should Sue TMZ; Harvey Levin is a ‘Clear, Biased, Trump-Supporting Clown’

Avenatti Reportedly Has Not Ruled Out 2020 Presidential Run Despite Domestic Violence Arrest

Hannity: Avenatti Didn’t Give ‘a Rip’ About Ruining Kavanaugh’s Life, Now It’s Come ‘Full Circle’ for Him

Stormy Daniels Posts VERY NSFW Tweet Scolding UK Paparazzi For Shoving Camera Up Her Skirt

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Skips Avenatti News, Rest of Network Barely Touches

The View on Michael Avenatti Domestic Violence Arrest: If True, ‘He Deserves to Be Raked Through the Coals’

Michael Avenatti Suggests Jacob Wohl Behind Domestic Violence Arrest: ‘First Mueller Now Me’

Stormy Daniels Reacts to ‘Troubling’ Claim Against Avenatti: ‘We Should All Reserve Judgment Until the Investigation’

Vermont Dems Cancel Avenatti Events Following Arrest for Alleged Domestic Violence

Sean Hannity: Michael Avenatti Deserves Due Process and the Presumption of Innocence, But…

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