Chris Hayes Interviews Dem Rep. Al Green, Fails to Ask About Green’s Statement on Sex Assault Allegation


On Monday, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) — completely unprompted — issued a statement about a withdrawn sexual assault allegation lodged against him more than a decade ago.

According to a 2008 report from The Hill, Lucinda Daniels had accused Green of assault stemming from a 2007 encounter, but withdrew her claim without any money changing hands.

Green’s statement on Monday, issued jointly with Daniels, read as follows:

In the present climate, we wish to jointly quiet any curious minds about our former and present relationship with one another. We are friends and have long been friends. At an unfortunate time in our lives, when both our feelings were hurt, we hastily made allegations and charges against one another that have been absolutely resolved. As consenting friends, we both regret our former claims and have since then maintained our respectful relationship. We are friends.”

This matter has been resolved without payment of any money or transfer of any consideration of any kind by either of us to the other. As friends, we have both agreed that we so no need to make further statements regarding this absolutely resolved matter.

Just three days after the release of that unusual — and again, we must stress, completely unprompted — statement, Chris Hayes spoke with Green on All In. And Hayes, over the course of a four-minute interview, failed to ask the Congressman a single question about his relationship with Daniels, and their joint comments on Monday.

Instead, the subject of the interview was Green’s desire to see President Donald Trump impeached — an action which Green has prominently advocated for months. The All In host and his guest stayed with that topic throughout, with not even one question being devoted to Daniels.

This is a surprise coming from Hayes — one of the most thorough, well-prepared interviewers in the business. But he clearly dropped the ball here. Though it likely only would’ve yielded a perfunctory response, the question had to be asked.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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