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Congressman Fires Back at Scarborough for Saying Dems Who Talk Impeachment Should Have ‘Funds Pulled’

Amid (Failed) New Push to Impeach Trump, Nancy Pelosi States: ‘Now Is Not the Time’

Chris Hayes Interviews Dem Rep. Al Green, Fails to Ask About Green’s Statement on Sex Assault Allegation

Democratic Rep. Says Trump Impeachment Efforts ‘Postponed’ in the Wake of Vegas Shooting

Now There Are Two: Rep. Brad Sherman Joins Rep. Al Green in Call to Impeach Trump

‘It’s Not About Republicans; It’s About the Republic’: Rep Goes Off on Latest Trump Scandals

‘The President Must Be Impeached!’ Democratic Congressman Sounds Off on House Floor

Trump ‘Must Be Charged’: Democratic Congressman Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

Megyn Kelly Gets in Shoutfest with Dem Who Made ‘Hands Up’ Gesture on House Floor

Bob Woodward Invites President Obama To His House

President Obama Takes Apollo Crowd To Church With Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’

Former Bush Strategist Compares Catholic Child Abuse Scandal to Prius Recall

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