Clinton Jokes Trump’s Claim of Winning Debate Is Better ‘Comedy’ Than His Al Smith Dinner Speech

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-4-03-40-pm-650x461Last night, in keeping with tradition, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attended the Al Smith Dinner and made a few jokes at each other’s expense and their own. It had only been about 24 hours since they went head-to-head in a debate that Clinton was widely considered to have won.

Clinton joked about Trump’s ties to Russia and took a jab at his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who, in turn, reacted as though she had been complimented. Trump was booed for his jokes and was largely criticized — by pundits and the Smith family themselves — for being way too hard on Clinton during a lighthearted charity event.

Today, Trump tweeted this:

Clinton retweeted it and added this:

Looks like she decided to keep the jokes coming today.

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