Kellyanne Conway Retweets Another Deeply Unflattering Thing About Her Boss Donald Trump


Donald Trump‘s campaign manager has once again retweeted something unflattering about him.

On Wednesday, during the presidential debate, Kellyanne Conway retweeted someone who said that his off-the-cuff comment about “bad hombres” in America was the part of his remarks that hadn’t been approved by Conway. People immediately jumped on her for retweeting something that boosted her profile by dragging his down. The general feeling seemed to be that she had jumped ship, was moving away from association with Trump, and was refocusing on her post-November 9 career options.

Now, here’s what she reposted last night:


Just like Wednesday night’s retweet, this one was ostensibly done because the original tweet mentioned her. Also just like Wednesday night’s retweet, this makes Trump look really bad.

There are more questions than answers here. Is she quietly affirming he hasn’t paid her? Is she building a sympathetic public image so she can later claim he treated her badly, which led to her massive post-election change of heart and makes her hirable to someone else? Did she really not realize how bad that — or the first retweet on Wednesday — made him look?

Her Twitter feed is becoming almost as unpredictable as Trump’s.

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