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CNBC Burns Airtime on Blogger “Morons” and “Dickweeds”

Picture 5Alls CNBC’s Charles Gasparino is trying to do is tell it like it is — ya’ know, tell both sides of the story.

But the “nobodies” and “morons” of the blogosphere keep trying to paint him as a Goldman Sachs muppet.  

After brushing off criticism from Janet Tavakoli, a Chicago-based financial consultant who has appeared opposite Charlie on shows like Squawk Box (because she’s a ‘nobody‘), Charlie went on CNBC’s Power Lunch with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and punched down at a financial blogger who has been getting under his skin (Video below):

Charles Gasparino: Every time I say something nice about Goldman — even moderately nice after beating them up 90% of the time — I get these moronic bloggers writing about me… especially one moron at Zero Intelligence, or Zero Hedge, I can’t remember which one it is. But this idiot keeps writing that I’m [getting paid by Goldman]. Alls I’m doing is this: I will beat up on Goldman Sachs all the time, but I have to give their side of the story — there’s to you Mr. Zero Intelligence.”

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: “Moronic bloggers is redundant… He’s probably not as handsome as you either.”

Now, this is nothing new for CNBC. Just last month Dennis Kneale called-out bloggers for their “mean-spirited negativity,” calling them “digital dickweed” — “I say dickweed because apparently it is indeed a plant akin to pond scum.” Hard not to be offended when grown-ups resort to name-calling. Suck it up, cable boys!

Charlie Gasparino on Power Lunch:

(Note: Charlie busts out his French accent at the end… “Numb de plumb”?)

Dennis Kneale on 8 p.m. hour:

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