Colbert Blasts Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Attack on Stormy Daniels: ‘You Heard it Straight From The Horse’s Ass’


On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert slammed President Donald Trump for his recent attacks aimed at Stormy Daniels.

In his latest development of “Stormy Watch,” Colbert reacted to a judge’s decision to throw out Stormy’s defamation lawsuit against Trump and ordered her to pay his legal fees. He suggested to Stormy to start a GoFundMe called, “For $10,000,000 I will stop describing Trump’s penis.”

He criticized the judge’s ruling that it was Trump’s “First Amendment” right to call Stormy a liar about their alleged affair because “rhetorical hyperbole” is “normally associated with politics and public discourse.”

“It’s only normal because Trump made it normal!” Colbert exclaimed.

The Late Show host then read Trump’s “horseface” jab against Stormy.

“Yes, ‘horseface.’ You heard it straight from the horse’s ass,” Colbert told his audience.

He also reacted to Stormy’s “spank” of a reaction.

“That is the most devastating presidential putdown since John Wilkes Booth shouted ‘Sic semper, small-penis!'” Colbert joked.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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