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Comedy Group Lampoons NBC’s Coverage Of Saddest Olympics Ever

The Olympics are supposed to be a time of global unity as the world comes together to celebrate human achievement and the triumph of will and effort over adversity. But, for some, NBC Sports’ coverage of the Olympics has conspicuously focused on the adversity part. That is the focus of a scathing new sendup of NBC’s Olympic coverage by the comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade.

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Recently, NBC has taken it on the chin for both substantial criticisms of it’s Olympics coverage – like questioning why they edited out a segment of the opening ceremony which celebrated the victims of London’s 2005 7/7 terror attacks – to criticisms more subjective, like those surrounding Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira’s unenlightening commentary.

UCB is now skewering NBC for their focus on tragic human interest stories that make up the backgrounds of the athletes over their actual athletic achievements.

Watch the sketch below via UCB:

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