Delete Your Account: Halperin Says Trump’s a More Talented Candidate Than Barack Obama


Just when you think Mark Halperin has exhausted the supply of dumb things to say in the universe, he goes and hits a new motherlode. On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, the crew was scratching its collective head over the appeal of Donald Trump, and Nicolle Wallace came very close by positing that the real story isn’t Trump, it’s Trump’s supporters. Halperin then waded in with one of the two dumbest things I’ve ever heard on Morning Joe:

Halperin: It’s a lot about his supporter supporters, but I think it’s at least 25% about him. He’s one of the two most talented presidential candidates any of us have covered.

Wallace: Who’s the other one?

Halperin: Bill Clinton.

Eugene Robinson: And not Barack Obama? The black guy from Chicago with the name Barack Hussein Obama who got elected twice?

Halperin: Strong third. Look at what Donald Trump does every day to defy… it just is, in terms of pure political skill.

Let’s set aside the notion of Trump’s “political skill” for a moment, and just focus on the raw comparison of Obama to Trump. In about three seconds, Eugene Robinson more than made the case, but seriously, Donald Trump hasn’t won a damn thing yet, and do you know what 2008 Obama calls those YUGE crowds that Trump draws to his rallies? The line for the Port-O-John, if that. By every objective measure, Barack Obama is twice the candidate Bill Clinton ever was, and Trump? He’s shooting fish in a barrel.

Donald Trump and President Obama have one thing in common, and that’s white resentment. Obama skillfully overcame it, and Trump exploits it. It takes about as much skill to exploit white resentment as it does to give Anthony Weiner a boner, which is none at all, especially since the rest of the Republican Party has been rubbing that thing for forty years. Trump just happened to come along and match that already-engorged member with his preexisting utter lack of shame.

In that way, Nicolle Wallace is right, Trump’s supporters are the story, but not because they love his “transgressiveness” or they’re “anti-establishment” or any of that, it’s because he wants to get rid of the Mexicans and Muzzies and those black-and-black-loving protesters. It is the media’s continued failure to call a Triscuit a Triscuit that has allowed Trump to thrive.

Aside from all that, Halperin seems to have forgotten that there has already been a political cage match between Trump and President Obama, and Obama destroyed him. Trump was polling better in the spring of 2011 than he was this cycle, and after Obama humiliated him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, his numbers fell off a cliff, and he abandoned the idea of running. Maybe the Republicans should see about running Obama in the next few primary states.

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