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Director Of National Intelligence Clapper Defends Spying Programs, Accuses Media Of ‘Rush To Publish’

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a memo Saturday afternoon addressing the various national security leaks this week, probably the most retweeted link in @ODNIgov’s history.

“Over the last week we have seen reckless disclosures of intelligence community measures used to keep Americans safe,” Clapper wrote in a statement published on the DNI’s website. “In a rush to publish, media outlets have not given the full context—including the extent to which these programs are overseen by all three branches of government—to these effective tools.”

Clapper confirmed the legality of the various intelligence gathering programs, and defended the government’s reticence in revealing information about them.

“Our ability to discuss these activities is limited by our need to protect intelligence sources and methods,” Clapper said. “Disclosing information about the specific methods the government uses to collect communications can obviously give our enemies a ‘playbook’ of how to avoid detection.”

The information is so classified, in fact, that Clapper finds his hands tied in refuting the inaccurate information he says the Guardian and the Washington Post published on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. However, Clapper did declassify some details about the program in an attempt to assuage critics.

Read the full memo below:

Memo via Director of National Intelligence

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