‘Don’t Tell Me to Stop!’: Ana Navarro Fights with Trump Supporter in Heated CNN Exchange


In a panel discussion this afternoon on CNN, CNN political commentator Ana Navarro got into a combative exchange with Donald Trump supporter Matt Schlapp while discussing the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Things got heated early in the segment. After Schlapp said that Democrats and Trump’s critics should consider it the “right thing” for him to accept Flynn’s resignations, Navarro hit back, noting that Trump’s aides have said different things on TV and “it’s very hard to follow.”

Host Brooke Baldwin played a clip from the White House press briefing where press secretary Sean Spicer said the Trump administration has been tough on Russia. Navarro then said in no universe was this true and began highlighting some “troublesome Russia-Trump ties.”

At that point Schlapp jumped in, asking Baldwin if he could have some time. Schlapp went on to claim that Trump is intent on thawing relations with Russia and Vladimir Putin. This led to a tense back-and-forth between Navarro and Schlapp, with the latter actually asking Baldwin at one point to “help me out here” so he could have some uninterrupted airtime.

As Navarro continued, claiming Trump has given “moral equivalency” to Russia, Schlapp told her to stop.

“Don’t tell me to stop,” Navarro angrily responded back. “If you want to tell the people in your house to stop, go for it.”

She continued, “You’re talking to the wrong girl, Matt. You’re talking to the wrong girl. You can say stop to somebody else, you’re not going to stop me, baby!”

Watch the entire segment above, via CNN.

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