Eric Holder Credits Snowden for Performing a ‘Public Service’

holderBack in early 2014, then-Attorney General Eric Holder said of Edward Snowden, “He broke the law. He caused harm to our national security and I think that he has to be held accountable for his actions.” Well, now Holder’s making some news for adding some praise into the mix.

In a discussion with David Axelrod, CNN reports, Holder made it again clear that “there are ways in which certain of our agents were put at risk, relationships with other countries were harmed, our ability to keep the American people safe was compromised,” etc.


…while Holder believes what Snowden did was “inappropriate and illegal,” what he did was actually kind of significant:

“We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.”

Yes, Holder is saying Snowden performed a serious public service by kickstarting a conversation that the government was fighting like hell to keep from taking place.

Snowden himself finds the whole thing rather amusing:

[image via screengrab]

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